What is the Sound of Death?

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What is the Sound of Death?

No crow can sing it is said
a voice as raw as its carrion meat
rough as shaken gravel
so harsh it would seem to strangle itself
as raucous as a crowd at a hanging.

So terrible is this sound
that even the crow’s chicks cringe
when their parents declare their love,
an endearment in the language of crows
resembles a curse in any other.

The crows know this
they make no choir
but have impressed upon themselves
a law of silence so strict
that when they gather
to endure the night
the only sound
is their defecations
striking ground.

What is the sound of death?

When men meet on bloodied earth
and murder make
with such fury
such thunderous sound
that one would think
would wake the recent dead
so generously strewn
about the proud battlefield.

Is this the sound?

The dirge that plays
or the keening wails
of grief that follow death’s release

Are these the sounds?

The soft swollen weeping
whose silent tears
are swept into tiny jars
that the sorrow
might be buried
with the dead.

Is this silence the sound of death?

It is when violence
wounds the flesh
and breaks the bones
that the sacred crows descend
called to that arcane task
bequeathed their race long time past
to call the souls from tortured flesh
into the realms of death.

This is the sound.



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Bauke Kamstra – © copyright 2012


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