The House of Sleep

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What is the source?

Is it a great flaming sun
fueled by passion’s heat
the fusion of life and mystery

Bound by the gravity of its words
the poets all orbit the source
their faces perpetually turned
to its lambent flame.

But this is the poet’s realm
where truth and metaphor mix
this sun a metaphor for truth.

For every poet who
imagines the source
there is another metaphor born.

Where truth and beauty conjoin
there lies the poet’s realm
every metaphor a path
that leads to its door.

How many poets stop at that door?
turn away, content.

Those who dare the door
come to the House of Sleep.

The sky is dark with raven wings
for here the rooks rule sky
the House clings to the earth beneath
you know it is the center
where forces meet
the House tells you
if you listen.

It is a castle without battlements
yet inside it is larger still
no one knows
all its ways.

Life did not begin here
but all spirits pass
living and unliving
in this place of dreams
and the dreamers roam
caught between one glimpse
and the next.

Here in the House of Sleep
are the doors that open
for a poet’s breath
that none other may pass.

More doors there are than these
doors to all the worlds
whether the dreamers be there or not
and doors to all places past
and the places that may be
for what is forbidden to mortal men
dreamers and poets may pass free.

This is the poet’s hearth
this House of Sleep
and if it, too, be a metaphor
know that it is truth as well
and be prepared
to come here when next you sleep
if you are a poet
and if you dare.



Please tell me about your visit to the House of Sleep!



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