I have written many poems inspired either directly or indirectly by the moon’s graceful essence and have collected some of the very best to put in my first chapbook. The moon has dominated the night sky since long before the advent of writing, or human self-consciousness. Nor is an awareness of her limited to humans. […]

She Loves the Smooth Boys – Open Link Night ~ Week 69

She loves the smooth boys not the rough the rough she binds in chains of conscience their frustration gleaming red as they press against the bars furious at the loss of their violence enraged by the helplessness they sought in the eyes of others. She loves the smooth boys whose lust remains leashed in the […]

Wings – #openlinknight – Week 63

                                      I heard a song and thought this must come from heaven it was so sweet the angels let loose those heavenly dogs their feathers like knives of bronze draw lines gentle on my skin holy signs […]

Making the Year – #OpenLinkNight – Week 62

As the filtered end of the year comes near the sky grey the rain somehow wetter than other water and the land after a brief moment of brilliance becomes grey too and a little brown the colors leaching out preparing the long night and the white a clean slate on which to paint a new […]

Tearing Down – dverse #OpenLinkNight ~ Week 59

  There was an elevator here once It was here longer than I’ve been around it was big enough to be a landmark of sorts they put grain in it, of course, I don’t know what kind. It was funny how they took it down caterpillars with crab claws instead of buckets, pulling it down […]

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