I have written many poems inspired either directly or indirectly by the moon’s graceful essence and have collected some of the very best to put in my first chapbook.

The moon has dominated the night sky since long before the advent of writing, or human self-consciousness. Nor is an awareness of her limited to humans. Wolves, coyotes, even dogs can share with you, in their long drawn-out vowels, how her cool light and mystery asserts its influence.

moon3Our awareness and speculations about the moon has only grown. She is beloved of poets and lovers, and has often been named a goddess in her own right. The simple fact that we have sent men to walk on her silvery skin has done nothing to restrict our appreciation of her seductive beauty.

I offer you “Moonlight”: a hand-made/hand-sewn limited first edition of 100 books, signed and numbered. In it I share with you my poetic response to its ancient romance and allure.

moon-2Each book will be personalized with the dedication of your choice.

Moonlight will be a welcome addition to your poetry collection.

I am confident that you will enjoy “Moonlight” and I thank you for your support of my poetry.

When you purchase the book on paypal there is a line that says: “Please put in your dedication” with an “Add” link next to it. Click the “Add” link to input the dedication you would like me to write for you.

Price: $15.00 Cdn. – $4.50 shipping.

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