Making the Year – #OpenLinkNight – Week 62

As the filtered end of the year comes near the sky grey the rain somehow wetter than other water and the land after a brief moment of brilliance becomes grey too and a little brown the colors leaching out preparing the long night and the white a clean slate on which to paint a new […]

Tearing Down – dverse #OpenLinkNight ~ Week 59

  There was an elevator here once It was here longer than I’ve been around it was big enough to be a landmark of sorts they put grain in it, of course, I don’t know what kind. It was funny how they took it down caterpillars with crab claws instead of buckets, pulling it down […]

Moon Man – for Neil Armstrong

                            I look at the moon that old man who winks at me having been there longer than history and I think of the man who set his foot in that quiet place now gone deeper into mystery than the moon ever […]

Box Empire

  It is all about the streets here where all the poets live and sundry other beasts primed to survive but not wise. The Romans knew this they built an empire on roads they made themselves for before that there was only the rivers and the sea. It is a different empire now an empire […]

The House of Sleep

What is the source? Is it a great flaming sun fueled by passion’s heat the fusion of life and mystery Bound by the gravity of its words the poets all orbit the source their faces perpetually turned to its lambent flame. But this is the poet’s realm where truth and metaphor mix this sun a […]

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