The House of Sleep

What is the source? Is it a great flaming sun fueled by passion’s heat the fusion of life and mystery Bound by the gravity of its words the poets all orbit the source their faces perpetually turned to its lambent flame. But this is the poet’s realm where truth and metaphor mix this sun a […]

When I Cross Over

  I am not who I am I write messages on the sky.   I am a bordering creature at home in air or on land I cross the borders or they shift beneath me I am always in this world and often in another.   Those like me are not like me though we […]

I Know the Darkness Well

I Know the Darkness Well Out there in the world, the nitty- gritty, dirt ridden world where disappointment and misery share the same addresses, not on a single street, or block, or quarter but in all quarters even where the wealthy build their walls to keep it out they just keep it in playful gardens […]

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